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Great Location !

At the intersection of highways #35 and #118, our location is close to Minden, Dorset, Haliburton and VanKoughnet.

Experienced Staff

Although under new management, the management and staff have been in this business for many years. This is what we know best !

The Products You Need

Our selection is tailored to the building supply business, drawing from years of experience about the products that you will require.

Locally Owned

Owned and operated by people who care and are on site to help you.

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Carnarvon, Ontario

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Sheet Goods



Spruce Plywood


This product is the most widely used plywood for general construction. The 1/2" is generally used for roof decking and the 5/8" or 3/4" is usually used for floors. It is not a sanded product and it is priced much lower than a Good One Side plywood.

Oriented Strand Board (OSB)

osbThis product is called many things ! Aspenite, Waferboard, Chipboard, Particleboard. Whatever you wish to call it, it is relatively cheap and is manufactured from "junk" wood from the forest. The glues and production methods used nowdays are much better. We stock 4'x8'x1/4", 7/16" and 5/8" T&G.



PointSIX Flooring


Weather or not, pointSIX revolutionizes flooring.

  • Patented tapered-edge technology that reduces edge swell
  • Reduces the need for sanding
  • No warping, sagging or cupping
  • Consistent from panel to panel—no voids or knotholes
  • Ainsworth quality program is audited by APA


Exterior Plywood Cladding


The product is great for sheds or boathouses. It is 4'x8'x5/8" thick and is made of southern yellow pine.





Good One Side


This is a relatively new product. It usually comes from Chile. It has a face that is almost knot free and is attractively priced. There are few core voids as well. It is referred to as Radiata Pine.





Interior Panels


We stock about a dozen interior wall panels in 4'x8'. The patterns change regularly. Drop by to see our selection! We also carry melaminem, hardboards and hardwood plywoods.






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Conveniently located in cottage country and locally owned.