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Great Location !

At the intersection of highways #35 and #118, our location is close to Minden, Dorset, Haliburton and VanKoughnet.

Experienced Staff

Although under new management, the management and staff have been in this business for many years. This is what we know best !

The Products You Need

Our selection is tailored to the building supply business, drawing from years of experience about the products that you will require.

Locally Owned

Owned and operated by people who care and are on site to help you.

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Carnarvon, Ontario

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Quality . Uniqueness

This is a popular siding for cottage country. Maibec sidings have been around a lot of years now and have proven to be a good choice to keep the rustic look and provide low maintenance. Our store has a wide array of standard colours, and you can get custom colours made. Allow about 3 weeks for your order.One of the things that we have noticed is that Maibec is a large outfit and has control of the wood right from the forest to the consumer. Some of the other manufacturers have to buy their wood in.

There is nothing like genuine wood. Organic, solid, stable and naturally resistant to the elements, it has enhanced the beauty of homes for hundreds of years. You can achieve stunning effects with the right mix and match of various types of profiled siding (horizontally and vertically), or even combine profiled siding with white cedar shingles.


Total peace of mind

Maibec offers you a 50-year warranty against wood decay, a 15-year warranty on two coats of solid stain (extendable up to 30 years) and a 5-year warranty on labour. For more information, see the detailed warranties.

FSC® certified siding available upon request.

Visit the Maibec site. You can download a brochure as well.

As of April 1, 2011, Maibec is offering a semi-transparent line of treated wood. It is called Natural Tones.

New April 2012, Maibec has introduced their new line of end-matched profiles in 1x6".

New June 2014- Thanks to Maibec's innovative brushing process, the Maibed URBAHN Series features a brushed face that lets the wood grain shine thorugh, making it ideal for contemporary architecture. It is available in all the MODERN and RABBETED BEVEL Maibec em+ siding profiles, in the Natural Tones or solid finishes. Click here to visit the corporate website.

Fraser Wood Siding


Fraser Wood Siding was founded in 1990 after we recognized the need for a quality specialties manufacturer in the North American market. The forest products market is constantly changing, and we have continued to meet the demands of our growing list of customers in the Eastern United States and Canada. In 1997, we proudly announced the opening of our new factory staining facility in Edmundston, New Brunswick for staining of Eastern White and logoWestern Red Cedar shingles with Cabot's Factory Finish. This enabled us to provide our customers with the finest in value-added stained cedar shingles. Expansion came in 1999 with the opening of a second facility to produce shingles stained with Cabot Bleaching Oil. An additional stain line was installed in 2001 to produce water-based stain for shingles, enabling us to produce shingles in a multitude of colors in addition to increasing production. In 2004, we established a new facility to produce our new line of wood siding products, in a wide variety of patterns and a limitless array of colors. Today, we serve our customers through our offices in Quebec City, Philadelphia, Fredericton and Edmundston, New Brunswick.

Natural beauty.

Nothing compares to the natural splendor of real wood. Each individual board has its own distinct grain, giving your project its own unique look. Design versatility Fraser Wood Siding is available in a range of styles and colors, offering you the versatility to compliment any architectural design.


The key to siding durability lies in the factory finishing process, where the wood is thoroughly dried and then stained before leaving for the job site. We strictly adhere to this pre-finishing process and then apply premium quality Cabot houseFactory Finish stain to all sides of each board in an ideal, controlled environment. The result is an eye-catching natural wood siding that resists even the harshest of environments for a long period of time.

Factory stained

Factory finished wood siding from Fraser Wood Siding uses premium quality Cabot Factory Finish, assuring the best protection of your wood investment. Available in an unlimited number of custom colors, Cabot Factory Finish is formulated exclusively for machine application, is applied to all sides of the board and is guaranteed for 20 years.

Low maintenance

Since Fraser Wood Siding is factory finished, you won’t need to re-stain it for many years. This puts our product squarely in the low-maintenance category

Adds value

Fraser Wood Siding’s natural beauty and design versatility will add value to any project. That, combined with Fraser Wood Siding’s exceptional durability will help you maintain the value of your wood investment for many years to come. Unlimited color selection Fraser Wood Siding is factory finished with premium quality Cabot Factory Finish, which provides you with the best protection of your wood investment. Fraser Wood Siding is available in an unlimited number of custom colors. Our color selection is only limited by your imagination!

View the corporate website here.

CapeCod Siding

The Natural Choice

Natural, Beautiful, Proven …
Cape Cod Siding is as versatile as your imagination. It is easy to install in horizontal or vertical patterns, meeting the strictest design specifications. Accessories include a wide range of options including inside and outside corners, skirt boards, window and door trim, crown and frieze boards, color-matched nails, touch-up paint and caulking – all part of the Cape Cod package.
… in Any Shade You Want
Cape Cod comes in any color you want. Show our Customer Preference Center the shade or tone you’re after, and they’ll mix it – or choose one of our eight Ready-Stock Colors, a range of favorite shades always available for the fastest delivery.


Cape Cod Finished Wood Siding is the largest producer of finished wood sidings in the forest products industry.

You can visit their corporate website by clicking here.

Unfinished Wood Siding


Architectural design - Cedar compliments any architectural design - from turn-of-the-century to contemporary. The following information is from the Western Red Cedar Association:

Colours - Unfinished cedar has richly textured grain with colours ranging from mellow ambers, reddish cinnamons and rich sienna browns. Its warm coloring is complimented by a uniform, fine-grained texture with a satin luster.

Easy finishing - Because cedar is virtually pitch and resin free, the wood easily accepts a range of finishes, from fine oils and stains, to solid coatings and paint.

Usages - Enhance the beauty and elegance of your home or commerical property with cedar siding, decking, moulding, windows, doors, posts, beams, paneling, outdoor projects, interiors and saunas.

Aroma - Cedar's unique aroma comes from naturally occurring thujaplicins in its heartwood. These compounds resist moisture and are toxc to decay-causing fungi and insects and preserve the wood to give it long lasting appeal.

Acoustic insulation - Acoustic properties of cedar walls and ceilings provide sound insulation necessary to quieten rooms. Surround yourself in the beauty of cedar.
  Bevel Siding 1"x8" Rough or smooth side can be used. No Rabbet





  Channel 1"x8" Rough Face- V back- For Vertical Use





  Tongue and Groove 1"x6"





 Wavy Edge 1x10"




Red Pine is found in Eastern North America and derives its name from the reddish colour of its bark. It measures 60 to 90 feet tall on average, sometimes growing as high as 120 feet. Its grain is more pronounced than that of the white pine, and almost as durable. In addition, it boasts the advantage of being a harder and stronger wood. Red Pine is used for construction, outdoor work and the manufacture of woodwork, mouldings, floors, panellings and siding. Click here to view the profiles that we stock. The profiles with the black dot are the ones that we stock. Please note that we only have certain widths in each profile.



CanExel prefinished siding is produced from wood fiber, resin, and wax fused under pressure. This engineered wood siding is highly stable, as well as highly resistant to moisture. It also helps optimize our forests’ yield by making the most of technological advances. In short, it does more with less…naturally. Moreover, CanExel siding is finished in the plant, resulting in durable, easy maintenance products with all the beauty and nobility of wood.

sidingCanExel siding products are subjected to a continuous quality control process, from forest to finish. Rigorous testing helps assure that each product meets the highest standards of quality. Advanced baked-on finish The finish on CanExel siding consists of five coats of baked-on paint, and a sealer providing increased resistance to cracking, splitting, warping, splintering and buckling of the substrate. “7-climate” testing CanExel siding has been subjected to outdoor testing in seven different climates throughout North America. It has been shown to withstand the intense cold of the Canadian north, the tropical humidity of Florida, the scorching heat of the Arizona desert, the salty air of the Nova Scotia seacoast and the winds that sweep the Saskatchewan prairies. UV resistance In every climate zone, CanExel siding is subjected to UV resistance tests using 45º tilt walls that triple the damaging effects of the sun to which 90º walls would normally be exposed. In every instance, CanExel products have withstood the most extreme conditions without damage to the substrate.

See our showroom display or visit the CanExel site.



Vinyl Siding is today's exterior building material because it's designed and engineered to protect your home through a lifetime of exposure to heat, cold, ultra-violet rays and every kind of weather.Vinyl gives your home lasting beauty!
You'll be proud of the beauty of your home, year after trouble free year. Its value is increased, your heating costs can be reduced, and you'll never again have to paint or spend on costly maintenance.

 Kaycan Home Designer program the latest tool to help you decide on a new look for your renovation or new construction projects.

It is easy use, simply. choose a style of the house closest to yours, then apply Kaycan siding, trim and accessories, then add color and then print your design as a model for your project.

The program requires the latest version of Adobe Flash Player. This tool is provided free by Adobe.


estimatorThe Estimating Guide is the latest addition to the Home Designer suite of tools. This utility allows you to calculate the surface area and required siding and quantity of accessories for your construction or renovation projects.
Calculate for walls, windows, doors and gables. The totals include the final calculation of accessories such as J Trim and starter strip. Try this new utility to help you better prepare your project


sidingBoth of these on-line tools can be accessed on the Kaycan website.We stock White, Khaki, Presige Beige and Sandalwood colours in our warehouse. We also stock aluminum fascia, soffit and flat stock. The Kaycan truck delivers custom orders here every Wednesday.



For more than 40 years, Gentek Building Products, Inc. has manufactured siding and accessories in beautiful styles and exquisite colors. With durable finishes that are easy to maintain. Backed by warranties that deliver lasting protection and excellent value. Giving you the expertise and personal touch — that make us truly a part of your home. 

logoFrom neighborhood to neighborhood throughout North America, homeowners select the Gentek brand for genuine quality and value. Choose from our extensive product line of vinyl, aluminum and steel sidings and accessories, as well as energy-efficient vinyl replacement and new construction windows, to give your home a distinctly superior finish that requires minimal upkeep.

houseWhen selecting siding, it's much more than just choosing a color. It's important to be aware of each brand's profile and finish, too. Their profiles range from popular Dutch Lap and Clapboard to Vertical Board & Batten — all available in quality finishes like light roughsawn, soft-brushed and driftwood.

Whatever material you select, you can be assured that it's a superior product — backed by a lifetime limited warranty and complemented with coordinating soffit, fascia and trim.

In fact,Gentek siding is manufactured at plants that have earned ISO certification for meeting or exceeding quality management standards recognized by more than 130 countries. This achievement translates into better consistency and higher quality products while also increasing overall cost efficiency.

See our sales associates for colour selections and pricing. The Gentek corporate website has a full array of styles and colours.


You can specify and install Mitten vinyl siding products with confidence. Under the leadership of Douglas Mitten, Mitten Inc. has been manufacturing quality vinyl products since 1959. Thier longevity demonstrates that Mitten vinyl products are backed by a history of dedication and logoexperience in the vinyl industry.

Mitten Quality... All Mitten vinyl products start with high quality vinyl, blended from the world's finest raw materials. Thier products are constantly subjected to rigorous testing that easily exceeds industry standards for impact and heat resistance. Quality is checked at several stages during the production cycle ensuring the consistency and integrity of all Mitten Inc. products.

Mitten Service... Customer satisfaction is yheir reputation. To maintain our rigorous quality standards, a team of dedicated siding specialists work together through all phases of production. Using the best technology possible, their customers are assured superior vinyl products at a competitive price.


Mitten Lifetime Warranty... Every siding product is backed with the Mitten Lifetime Transferable Warranty. They're so confident of our workmanship that their warranty is transferable to a new owner! This degree of coverage illustrates the quality, performance, and dependability that Mitten puts into every product.



See our in-store display for colours and profiles. You may also visit the Mitten corporate website to view the product line.



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Conveniently located in cottage country and locally owned.