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Great Location !

At the intersection of highways #35 and #118, our location is close to Minden, Dorset, Haliburton and VanKoughnet.

Experienced Staff

Although under new management, the management and staff have been in this business for many years. This is what we know best !

The Products You Need

Our selection is tailored to the building supply business, drawing from years of experience about the products that you will require.

Locally Owned

Owned and operated by people who care and are on site to help you.

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Carnarvon, Ontario

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Techstar Plastic Float Style

We carry the Techstar line of plastic floats. Most of the floats are foam-filled. This style of floatation offers the advantage of having no wood touch the water. This way, you can minimize the wood from getting "waterlogged" and gaining weight. Another advantage is that assembly (if you prefer to build your own dock) is simple. There are various types of floats. Plastic floats by nature are a bit more expensive than styrofoam billets. Many people ask us if they can be left in the water for the winter. Well... yes and no. Technically, the floats will withstand ice forming around them. However, that is not the problem. In the spring, ice can shift and heave (depending on your lake, shoreline and prevailing winds). This will buckle the structure and cause damage. You are taking a risk by leaving the dock in. Visit the Techstar site to look at the various styles.


The Conventional Wood Dock


These are our most popular sellers, mostly due to the lower cost than other alternatives. We make these from Cedar lumber or Pressure Teated lumber. For more information about treated lumber, visit our deck page.

Styrofoam billets have improved over the years and they tend not to "waterlog" as much as they used to. We use 7"x20"x8' billets in our docks (480# of lift each) and can use 10" (690# of lift each) if requested. Some customers have problems with pesky muskrats burrowing around them but generally, this is not a serious problem. Our construction detail protects the billet from damage. We also include skid plates on the bottom of the dock. Our ends are specially reinforced for stresses introduced by the ramp/walkway.

We typically do not stain the docks. However, we recommend that you stain the dock at some point to extend the life of the wood, repel the water and prevent it from cracking (checking) due to sun exposure and the wet/dry cycles.

The optional ramps are also reinforced. Our standard size is 3'x12' for the ramps. We find that any larger ramp is too heavy to lift and can bow.



Dock Hardware



We carry the Coldriver brand of dock hardware. It is powder coated black. This coating is considered superior to galvanizing because it does not scratch. We have two diagrams that show our hardware. One is primarily for floating docks and the other is primarily for pipe leg docks. The diagrams are in a clear .pdf file. Once opened up, you can zoom in.

Dock Anchors


 The standard anchor is 100#. We also sell 155# for larger docks. The Techstar plastic float company alos makes a form for filling concrete on the shoreline.





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Conveniently located in cottage country and locally owned.